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12-Strand Eye Splice
Used in single braid lines or at the ends of stripped double braid with high tech core. We use the l..
Core to core eye splice used for high tech double braid line with dyneema/vectran core. Include..
Cover Stripping
An easy way to reduce weight aloft is to remove the cover from your halyards for the length that run..
Double Braid Eye Splice (Class 1)
Core/cover eye splice used for class 1 double braid line with polyester core and cover. Include..
Messenger Eye Splice
Also called a reeving eye splice, a non-load bearing eye designed to aid in installation of new haly..
Northern Rigging Soft Shackle
Soft shackles can be used for dozens of applications on your boat and elsewhere. Excellent replaceme..
Whiplock End
Line whipping that locks the cover and core together, preventing the cover from sliding over the cor..
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