Wire Cable Deck Railings

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Another service we are excited to offer is architectural rigging. We can design, supply, and install complete systems for a wide variety of needs. Using high quality marine grade products from Hayn, these installations are virtually maintenance free and will not rust or tarnish. The stainless steel fittings can offer both striking or subtle accents to your project. Here are some examples from projects we've worked on over the past year.

Up first is a large deck railing installation using Hayn swage components. Our portable swage machine allows us to use a wider variety of swage fittings than compared to crimp on or compression style fittings. On this particular project, the posts and top rail were already installed before the decision was made to install a cable railing system. This means holes for the wire had to be drilled by hand in all of the upright posts. If wire is chosen from the beginning, we can use a drill press to pre-drill the posts before they are installed, saving a lot of time. The end result is still worth it, and the homeowner will enjoy unobstructed views from their deck.



This next project was started in the fall, but an early winter made the work colder than prefered. On this deck, the builder drilled the posts before they were installed, so the wire installation went very quickly. The same Hayn termination fittings were used as before, with some added creativity where the stairs tied into the deck. Dispite frozen fingers, this one turned out nicely. 



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