Ensign 22 Main Halyard

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Dyneema cored main halyard with soft shackle for an Ensign 22 sailboat. Stay tuned for future line selection guides and rigging ideas.

Moving forward I will be posting pictures and descriptions of completed work on this blog. To get started, I've shared a picture of a main halyard for an Ensign 22. This halyard is made from FSE Robline Admiral 5000 and has had the end stripped of the cover to save weight running up the mast. To save even more weight, I've added a soft shackle for sail attachment. Previously we'd been using a Wichard headboard shackle, and while they are very nice shackles, they're not exactly light weight. In my opinion, if you've gone to the trouble/expense of having a stripped halyard, you might as well go all out and save as much weight as possible. As it turns out, the soft shackle is not only lighter (and stronger!) but less expensive as well. I think a soft shackle is ideal for something like a main halyard that doesn't get detached from the sail very often. Generally you hoist the main and you don't take it down until you're done for the day. Soft shackles would also work well on jib halyards, but I think a snap shackle or similar is still best for the spinnaker. This halyard was made for Ensign Spars and will go on one of their brand new Ensign Classics.

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